domingo, 28 de julho de 2013

American Splendor Assaults de Media

"What he said led me to believe that she probably liked my work but wasn't going to do anything for me, and she didn't. I was enraged even though I initially didn't think there was much chance of The Voice doing anything for me. Why hadn't this woman ignored my first letter instead of answering it and giving rise to some false hope I couldn't completely supress?"

"I think I know the answer. She had good intentions, but good intentions come cheap. It's easy to make promises, give assurance. Her execution was lousy, though. A person with good intentions who promises things and is too lazy to come through is often more harmful than a malicious person. (...) People like the assistant book editor don't even care enough about you to want to hurt you. That's why they're shocked when you get angry at them. They promise you things because they want to seem agreeabele. They don't keep their promises because it's too much trouble. They keep breaking their word because thy're so seldom penalized for it. It's accepted behavior in our society, like being fashionably late for dinner."